Taras Kulakov and his lovely bride-to-be, Katherine.

Here at Boye Creative Group, we watch a lot of YouTube and our favorite YouTuber is Taras Kulakov, A.K.A. The Crazy Russian Hacker. He has two great YouTube Channels: Crazy Russian Hacker and Taras Kul, where he teaches useful life hacks and puts clever gadgets to the test. He also samples MREs (meals ready to eat) from domestic and foreign military branches. We highly recommend you subscribe to his channels; his videos are a lot of fun and you always learn something!

Our Shirts are Famous … Kinda

Crazy_Russian_Hacker, Girlfriend

The Crazy Russian Hacker and his fiancée Katherine opened our shirts!

Recently, we designed a special “I Heart MREs” T-Shirt for Taras—featuring his favorite survival tool, the spork. We sent him and his fiancée, Katherine each a shirt. Also, since Taras and Katherine are living The American Dream, we sent them a couple of our patriotic “Don’t Tread On Me” shirts. In just a couple of days, the video featuring our shirts has already gotten 240k views!

 Katherine Wore Our Shirt!


Christmas comes early for The Crazy Russian Hacker.

We were overjoyed to see Taras and Katherine open our package on their latest “fan mail unboxing video.” Katherine actually put on our “I Heart MREs” shirt and wore it for the remainder of the video! Thanks Katherine!

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