We at Boye Creative Group understand how busy you are at this time of year. So, we thought we’d lighten your load and do you a solid by giving you these suggestions for five nifty Christmas Gifts you may not have considered.


#5 The Snow Joe


After decades of brushing the heavy snow off of our cars with household brooms (often breaking them), we stumbled upon the right tool for the job. The Snow Joe lets you push/pull off several feet of wet snow with a soft, yet durable foam head that won’t scratch your paint. Plus, it has an ice scraper on the other end. And, since the scraper is attached to a telescopic handle, you can use both hands and really put your weight behind the scraper to attack that thick layer of ice when you’re in a hurry.


#4 Yaktrax


If you’re short, heavy, and have small feet—then this product is wasted on you. Seriously, you’re probably as surefooted on an icy parking lot as a mountain goat is in the Himalayas. However, if you have big feet and a high center of gravity, this product can save your life (or at least save you from the embarrassment of standing alone in the center of an icy parking lot, struggling to maintain your balance as your spouse continues walking casually toward the dollar store while laughing at you). Yaktrax are basically rubber bands with springs coiled around them. You stretch them over the soles of your boots—making your footwear the next best thing to old school baseball cleats. Just be sure to take them off before stepping onto a linoleum floor, unless you’re deliberately trying to hurt yourself.


#3 Hard Alcohol


Nothing inspires yuletide cheer and family harmony quite like a cup of the old reality softener. Just think of its many benefits: it never goes bad, it provides instant warmth (albeit, short lived), it’s a pain reliever, it instills courage, it’s the essential ingredient that makes eggnog worth drinking, it makes those around you seem funnier and more attractive, and it can be used as an emergency disinfectant to treat cuts suffered by anyone who forgets to take off their Yaktrax before stepping onto your kitchen floor.


#2 Remote Car Starter


Yeah, this one is a no-brainer. It’s probably the best invention since Spam. What, you don’t like Spam? We’ll have you know that Spam’s so popular in Hawaii that it’s considered a staple of the traditional native diet. Anyway, remote car starters can save you a lot of time in the morning—especially when you have a five-inch-thick sheet of ice covering your windshield. Just be sure your wipers are off before you press that little button. Otherwise, you’ll be spending your Christmas money on a new wiper motor.


#1 Vacation


Anybody who grew up in Buffalo knows that the first snowfall signals the start of an unreasonably long, cold and dreary, inconvenient, soul-crushing, Game of Thrones winter. So what better gift to give the one you love than an escape from Buffalo? Sure, you can send him or her to a warm, drug cartel-controlled place like Mexico -OR- you can let them embrace what our nation has to offer and send them off in the safety and comfort of a luxurious motor coach with Maestro Tours—where they’ll visit amazing destinations, make lifelong friends, and enjoy unique shopping opportunities.



Whatever you choose to give your loved ones this Christmas, we’re sure you’ll make the right decisions because, after all, it’s really the thought that counts.


And, if that doesn’t work, remember the alcohol :)

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