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#5 Go to the Gym!      patrisyu

Notice we didn’t say, “Join a gym?” That’s because joining a gym is easy; actually getting off your couch, putting on your workout clothes, and driving to the gym is the hard part. In fact, gyms make their money from wishful-thinkers who buy a one or two-year membership and never use it. If your gym has been in business for a while, there is a very good chance it already has thousands of members. Imagine if everybody decided to show up on the same day!


#4 Hire an Accountant      Salvatore Vuono

This is especially good advice for small business owners who are used to preparing their own tax returns, but have been making ongoing changes to their business. Are you getting every deduction to which you are entitled? Would your business serve you better as an LLC than a sole proprietorship? If you’re not sure, it might be time to consult an expert. Some accountants even offer a free, no-risk/no-obligation “second opinion” consultation for new clients.

Here’s a couple of great local accountants who can help you rest a little easier in 2016 (incidentally, they’re both named Ken):

Kenneth Schupp, BS


Kenneth M Weinstein, CPA, CFP


#3 Talk to Strangers       patrisyu

We know this goes against everything your mother taught you growing up, but in the business world, it’s a must. For instance, how many times have you gone to a business networking event with the intention of drumming up a new client only to find yourself talking to the same familiar faces? Don’t get us wrong, it’s good to strengthen existing relationships, but try venturing out of your comfort zone a little by introducing yourself and your business to a few strangers—you’ll be glad you did!


#2 Adopt/Rescue a Pet       arztsamui

With so many sweet, loving animals already in existence (and in need of good homes)—it boggles the mind why anybody would prefer to put their name on some breeder’s waiting list rather than visiting an animal shelter. OK, maybe “boggles” is a strong word, but seriously: your local animal shelter probably has lots of adorable cats and dogs, under one or two years of age, who would make a great addition to your family.

So, unless you have your heart set on a specific purebred puppy or exotic feline, be a hero and open your heart and home to one of these lovable little creatures. Here’s a couple of links to get you started:


Ten Lives Club




#1 Update Your Website!       alexisdc


Does your website have broken links—menu items, buttons, or text links that don’t go anywhere when you click on them? Does your website look like a kidnapper’s ransom note when viewed on a mobile device? Does your website still have the headshot and bio of that guy you fired last week for embezzling?

If you answered, “Yes” to any of these questions, it might be time to update your website. Boye Creative Group can help you with updating the content on your existing website –OR– we can create a modern, responsive website for you—giving your business a fresh, new online presence for 2016!


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