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Whether you’re manning a trade show booth or networking at a business event—it is important to have an easy and effective way of conveying exactly what it’s your business has to offer.

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We’re Not Elephants

How many times have you met someone, exchanged business cards, and explained what your business does only to have that person ask you again at a later date, “So, what is it you do?” We’re all guilty of this (even your humble author) because, as business professionals, we tend to meet a lot of people and not all of us have an elephant’s memory.

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Make it Easy for Everybody!

The next time you’re out promoting your business, carry a pocketful of small brochures. When someone asks what you do, take out a brochure, open it, and point to your various products and services as you give your elevator pitch. Then, hand them the brochure. You’ve now just connected with your prospect or potential referral source on an auditory, visual, and perhaps tactile level. They also have something they can reference later when they need what you have to offer.

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Need Some Help?

We design, write, and print brochures for a variety of industries. We can put together a unique brochure for you before your next major event!

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